Monday 20 August 2012


Sometimes I feel lost without my phone, the internet... hell even technology in general, but there are times when I can't be bothered with any of it. If I have my phone on me at work I usually end up running down the battery playing around on Facebook, twitter or any of the many apps I have happened to download. The main culprit is usually googling whatever topic is being discussed at the time, but sometimes I just want to throw it all away and not bother with any of it. This isn't all the time obviously as without Facebook or twitter how would I know what was going on in the world or in many cases on Facebook get invited to nights out. We all know there are many other ways I could get invited to an event, but Facebook seems to be what my friends use to invite me so if I didn't have it I do feel that I would miss out. 

But I'm honestly ok If I'm not constantly attached to my phone. Sometimess I like some time off. I have a different iPod so I do not have to see all my Facebook notifications etc when I’m in the gym, so I can just clear my mind and concentrate on my workout, and nine times out of ten its not as if anyone has contacted me the whole time I have been in the gym so I honestly don’t need my phone anyway. Sometimes I do enjoy the fact that no-one has bothered to contact me all day, and I can just have my own space, be alone with my thoughts, and have time in my own company where I can just let me be me. Then again, after a day or so of that I just want to be around other people again. I’m happy to be alone at times, but other times, put a glass of wine in my hand and put me in some decent company and I’m even better.  

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