Tuesday 21 August 2012

When technology fails

I had to go without an iPhone for most of today. 

For any of you that have never lived through this terror, it's honestly very annoying. 

I was talking to the guy at the apple desk about how much we forget how often we use our phones everyday. I'm writing this with the assumption that the majority of you will own, if not an iPhone, you will at least be in the possession of a smartphone of one make or another. Anyway, without my phone I was completely lost. The simple task of being able to check the time had suddenly become difficult. I used my phone for this. Due to my iPhone dying, I had to go out and buy an alarm clock. I used to own an alarm clock as a kid, I'm sure,like most of you probably did, but I sure don't own one anymore. Why? What's the point? I have a clock on my phone and I constantly have my phone on me, so what need do I have of another device to do something that my phone was quite happy to do for me, among a million other things that I could just not get by without. 

Another simple task was the joy of listening to music. Again, as my iPod broke last month, all my music was on my phone. I didn't need to spend money on another device when again my phone was so readily available to be able to do it for me. 

Just two examples of how I, and I believe as a general population we are very reliant on technology, and without it I feel like I live in the dark ages.

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